James M. Stephens, Ph.D.

James M. Stephens is a research faculty member of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). Dr. Stephens holds a bachelor’s degree from Rice University, a Master’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, and Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, all in physics. Prior to joining USM, he was employed by WesternGeco in Houston as a project geophysicist and processing geophysicist. Dr. Stephens attended Rice University on an NROTC scholarship, and served as an officer in the United States Navy for nine years, including a tour at the Naval Oceanographic Office, located on the National Space Technology Laboratories (now Stennis Space Center), Mississippi.

Dr. James Michael Stephens
Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Southern Mississippi/Signal Research Center
6971 Lincoln Road
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
601-268-2681 ext. 40

Research experience in spectroscopy and experimental laser development. Industry experience in seismic reflection survey management as well as extensive marine survey work in onboard processing aboard survey vessels: expertise. Computer skills: UNIX operating system, FORTRAN and C-programming languages, and Matlab, Mathcad and Microsoft professional tools.

Professional Experience:

University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS- January 2004-Present
Fall 1994, Spring 2005- Instructor for Physics 201 (calculus-based General Physics I)
Fall 1994, Spring 2005- Instructor for Physics 112 (algebra-based General Physics II)
Employed at the Signal Research Center as a research scientist in laser spectroscopy, optical physics.
IAGC sponsored airgun calibration work through Littoral Acoustic Demonstration Center.

Microseismic, Inc, Houston, Texas May-December 2003
Processed proof-of-concept job for this new company, which intends to commercialize passive seismic monitoring techniques for oilfield exploration.
Contributed to an algorithm to be incorporated in the passive seismic software to separate P and S-wave signals.

WesternGeco Resources, Houston, Texas 1998-2003
Project Geophysicist, North and South America Marine Geophysical Support
Reviewed contract tenders for technical feasibility and accuracy, which resulted in improved bids and contract specifications.
Produced online technical instructions (Job Books) for marine survey vessel crews: typically managed two surveys in different locations and frequently developed Job Books on an emergency basis when vessels of opportunity became available for proof-of-concept surveys.
Maintained continual contact with internal and external clients regarding operational and data quality issues.
Analyzed and presented data that demonstrated WesternGeco’s hydrophone cable steering technology did not induce significant noise during data acquisition, contributing to client acceptance and a significant uplift (several hundred thousand dollars) on contract revenue.

Processing Geophysicist, Onboard Data Processing Department, 1998- 2002
Participated in marine geophysical surveys in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean (Trinidad), and offshore Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Brazil as an acquisition geophysicist performing data processing and quality control.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 1990-1998
Research/Teaching Assistant (in conjunction with doctoral studies) in the School of Physics
Developed a new method of creating gas-phase silicon monoxide metastables for research in energy-transfer chemical laser systems. This resulted in a significant publication for the laboratory.
Developed an experimental program to evaluate the gain characteristics of the energy transfer system. This program was instrumental in securing a $150, 000 research grant from the Ballistic Missile defense Office.
Extensive teaching experience at Ga Tech, including undergraduate laboratory, recitation classes and three-hour introductory physics course sequence for non-science/engineering majors.

Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta, Georgia 1990-1991
Research Assistant in the Radar Instrumentation Development Laboratory
Wrote successful utility programs (C programming language) for the Radar Instrumentation Development Laboratory.
Conducted a feasibility study on the possibility of employing a free-electron laser as a power source for millimeter-wavelength radar applications for laboratory management.

University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi 1988-1990
Taught 3-credit hour course in physics for non-science majors and conducted undergraduate physics laboratory courses.

United States Navy (commissioned service 1979-1988)
United States Naval Oceanographic Office, Bay St. Louis Mississippi (1985-1988) Navigation Aids Support Unit (1987-1988), Assistant Officer-in-Charge (Administration):
Executive officer of unit that deployed personnel and equipment for hydrographic survey beacon stations.

Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia
Major: Physics; Minor: Electrical Engineering
MS, Physics, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
BA, Physics, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Professional Affiliations:
American Physical Society
Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Relevant Recent Publications:
Journal Publications
J.M. Stephens, J. D. Stout, J. Abraham, J. L. Gole, L. H. Sentman, M. Zaczek, Measurement of low-level gain in a visible chemical laser amplifier, Opt. Eng. 40(12) 2788-2801 (December 2001)

J.M. Stephens, J.L. Gole, Controlled Formation of Silicon Monoxide Metastables, Chem. Phys. 206 (1996) 173-183.

J.C. Lee, J.M Stephens, L.R. Mead, R.F. Joyce, Nonuniform Effective Temperatures in Ising Models on Tangled Chains, Physica A, vol. 167, no. 3, p749-755, 15 Sept. 1990.

Conference Publications
J. Newcomb, W. Sanders, G. Ioup, J. Stephens and N. Sidorovskaia, Calibration and Analysis of Seismic Airgun Data Using EARS Buoys, Minerals Management Service Information Transfer Meeting ITM-05, January 11-13, 2005, New Orleans, LA.

J.M. Stephens, J.L. Gole, L.H. Sentman, M. Zaczek, Potential for a Chemically Pumped Sodium Laser, AIAA 97-2425, AIAA 28th Plasmadynamics & Lasers Conference, July 6-9, 1997/Atlanta, GA.

J.L. Gole, K.K. Shen, H. Wang, C.B. Winstead and J. Stephens, Chemically Driven Visible Laser Amplifiers and Oscillators Based on Fast Electronic Energy Transfer, AIAA 93-3209, AIAA 24th Plasmadynamics & Lasers Conference, July 6-9, 1993/Orlando, FL.

Doctoral Dissertation:
Gain Characterization and Donor Molecule Production for a Potential Chemical Laser System, Advisor: Dr. James L. Gole, School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Master's Thesis:
Investigations on Tangled Ising Models, Advisor: Dr. Joon C. Lee, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Southern Mississippi